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We spend on advertising and attraction
> 60+ m Advertising budget.


TOPs for attracting clients
for MFIs

We specialize in finance. We bring clients for banks and MFIs, according to any model:

cpa cpc cpl


Traffic arbitrage is earning on the difference between attracting a client and selling it to partners.

For example: we advertise banks and MFIs in Yandex, a person follows our link to a bank, receives a loan there, the bank pays us a commission for an attracted client, say, 1000 rubles. We spent 900 rubles on advertising in Yandex.Direct, 100 rubles of the difference is our earnings.

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Gidfinance Media

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And hundreds more MFIs, banks
and financial services.

Vacancies 4

A man with burning eyes and a fresh mind

Salary from 100 000 ₽

For many areas of companies, we need people who are locomotives, who don’t need to be kicked around, who want to realize themselves and do big projects. We have a lot of ideas, but not enough people to realize these ideas. We will help in everything, and explain at the initial stage. But it is important that you take responsibility and bore everyone until the project, which you will raise from 0 will not start to bring profit. Minimum at the start, too, we will give, so that you calmly hit one point, and not think about their basic needs.

Media Buyer (Arbitrator)

Salary from 100 000 ₽

Develop and implement strategies to purchase traffic, launch advertising campaigns mainly on fintech vertical (MFI) in various sources on the RF and bourgeoisie. Also willing to consider experienced barers from other verticals.

UX/UI Designer Middle+/Senior

Salary from 150 000 ₽

Create creative landing pages and services, UI kits, develop and support design systems, develop a design culture in the company, design interfaces – from simple to complex.

Full-stack Developer

Salary from 200 000 ₽

Development of a new content management system, designing landing pages and services, pulling them on YII2, interaction with our other products, developers to achieve results, development and systematization of processes, interaction with the team.

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